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Persepolis Download Manager


some persepolis features

Persepolis Is A Download Manager And A GUI For Aria2 Which Is Powered By Python. Persepolis Is A Sample Of Free And Open Source Software And Developed For GNU/Linux Distributions,BSDs,Mac OS and Windows. You Can Join Persepolis Users And Help Us With Developing It.

  • Graphical UI front end for aria2

  • Multi segment downloading

  • Scheduling downloads

  • Download queue

Get Started

Here is instructions on how to install:


Ubuntu and other Debian based distros:
Simply run the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:persepolis/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install persepolis

Arch and other Arch bases:
To install latest release (recommended):
yaourt -S persepolis
Or the latest version from github:
yaourt -S persepolis-git

sudo dnf copr enable amirsamimi/persepolis
sudo dnf install persepolis

Follow this link.


Visit wiki for learning how to install Persepolis on FreeBSD

Visit wiki for learning how to install Persepolis on OpenBSD


To install Persepolis on MacOS, you need to just simply download the latest package from releases page then copy the .app file to your Applications folder!

more details on persepolis wiki

Microsoft Windows

Simply download and run persepolis setup according to your system architecture
follow wiki for more details


Posts about each release are here:

Persepolis 2.4

Released New Version!


Here you can see what have been done for Persepolis!

  • 2015

    The Beginning!

    This year, The idea of Persepolis came to Alireza AmirSamimi's mind, why not having a gui wrapper for "GREAT" aria2 download manager which was just available with terminal ui "aria2c"!

  • Jul 2016

    First Release

    This release, is the very first release available on project's github! By that time, Persepolis was just a simple gui for aria2, it runs, you give your links, then it starts downloading; so simple proccess and no additional features.

  • Sep 2016

    Site Went Online

    Another important event in our way for developing Persepolis was having its site online, with special thanks to Sadegh Alirezaie. The was just about how to install Persepolis on different distros!

  • Dec 2016

    Now We Support MacOS

    Now We are glad to announce that Persepolis can be run on MacOS (tested on Sierra), either with dependecies (like linux) or completely standalone! The .app package will be available with next release.

  • Jan 2017

    More and Better Features

    By this time, We released Persepolis 2.3, and added chrome integration, queues and more features to Persepolis and made it a better choice for users!

  • Apr 2017

    Now We Support Windows

    Now We are glad to announce that Persepolis 2.4 can be run on Windows , many new feature added and bugs fixed and user interface is improved

  • You Can
    Be Here

Our Amazing Team

The People Contributed to This Project!

Alireza AmirSamimi

Lead Programmer

MohammadAmin Vahedinia

MacOS Support

Mostafa Asadi

Ubuntu & Windows Support

Sadegh Alirezaie

Site Support

Mohammadreza Abdollahzadeh

Arch & BSDs Support

Jafar Akhondali

Browser Integrations

This people, helped the project behind-the-scene so that you can see what is now!